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Craving (2023)

Craving (2023)

288  5   1:23:22   720p & 360p | March 1st, 2023 | Crime, Horror, Thriller

After a drug deal goes south, four heroin addicts barricade themselves in a country bar as the cops close in. Withdrawal sets in, further complicating their hostage situation, while a secret one of them is hiding could destroy them all.

Directors: J. Horton
Casts: Felissa Rose as Les, Kevin Caliber as Mac, Holly Rockwell as Gail, Xavier Roe as Will, Rachel Amanda Bryant as Shiloh, Likun Jing as Lo, Toya Morman as CeCe, Gregory Blair as Travis, Frankie Guzman as Rudy, Miranda Bourke as Rylee, Scott Alan Ward as Jared Scott, Michael Turner Tucker as Carl, Al Gomez as Hunter, Isabel Lorraine as Delores, Sage Mayer as Young Will, Greg Tally as Red, Robert C. Pullman as Gerry, Zera Lynd as Lori, Joseph D. Webb as John, Thomas Haley as Detective Washington, Kim Estes as Detective Shaw, Matt Weinglass as Kent, Kelsie Mathews as Simone, Jake Bucher as Paul, Eric Hanes as Ralph, Niko Young as Blue, Jennifer McCrae as Throat Slit, Malachy Fergus Godfrey as DJ Joe Phoenix (voice), Brook Hubbs as Frank, Clint Beaver as The Beav (voice), Brett C. Persson as Raine (voice), Warren Dean Fulton as Dino (voice), Kyle Brody as Corky (voice), Marvin Maddicks Jr. as Pip (voice), Miglė Kužmarskytė as Zu ZU Petals (voice), Steve Antonucci as Byne (voice), Billy Culbertson as Frog (voice), Kris Smith as Tork (voice), Mark Schaefer as Boony (voice), Goria Cunningham as Irvin (voice), Rudy Ledbetter as Streak (voice), Vincent Coker as Cookie (voice), Kyle Clarington as Big Timer (voice), Jeremy Plume as Touk (voice), Bryan Gilson as Mr. Bye (voice), Erica Dyer as Leftie (voice), John H. Shelton as (voice), John Zuzolo as Haddon (voice), Paul Bradford as Hogwart (voice), Darius Zia-Mahmoud Tammami as Dee Dom (voice), Mark Flemmich as Roach (voice), Jeramis McFadden as Rink (voice), Dylan Nossiter as Joonie (voice), Brannan Durham as Bhram (voice), Dennis Greenhill as Wraith (voice), Florinda Cortez as Tweet (voice), William Duncan as (voice), Johnathon Haviland as Jonny (voice), Patrick Ashley O'Neal as Ash (voice), Ashley Undercuffler as Frenzy (voice), Ernie W. Cooper as Screecher (voice), August Magee as Joust (voice), Aaron Marcoux as Bird (voice), Ashley Mcdermott as Lily (voice), Suzanne McComas as June (voice), Nadim Tebyanian as Nat (voice)